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    The 32nd China (Beijing) International
    Building Decorations & Building Materials Exhibition

    China International Exhibition Center( NCIEC),Beijing

    Exhibition News
    New Date Notice of China (Beijing) International Building Decorations & Materials Exhibition
    2020-10-30 08:44:21

    According to the latest epidemic prevention and control guidance issued by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China on May 7th 2020, under the premise of implementing the preventive measures, all kinds of conferences and exhibitions of necessity are allowed to be held. The exhibition industry in China is restarted.

    In response to the call of the country’s industry recovery and comprehensively economic recovery, 31th China(Beijing) International Building Decorations & Materials Exhibition will relaunch on March, 2021. The exhibition location is at China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi new venue) in Beijing.

    As a leading exhibition platform in the field of building decorations and materials industry, B&D has always been committed to creating high-value business opportunities for both the exhibitors and visitors. Promoting economic development and reviving the market is one of the critical responsibilities of B&D. CIEC GL events will continue innovate the exhibition services both in online and off-line methods, in the aim of facilitating trades and cooperation. Meanwhile, all epidemic prevention and control methods will be taken to fully guarantee the health of all participants in accordance with national and local epidemic prevention requirements.

    We will devote all our energy and enthusiasm to present a safe, high-quality and timely industry event to building decorations and materials industry. We are looking forward to meeting you again in Beijing in July!

    Thank you for your support and understanding as always. If you have any questions, please contact our exhibition project team.

    Sincerely Yours!

    CIEC GL events (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

    May 18, 2020

    Official Wechat
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